Plamore Music was started in 1999 by Curt Hilton. Curt was the entertainment director and DJ at Harrah's Casino St. Louis. 

Curt moved his business to Nebraska, Georgia and now North Carolina.


Curt is also a professional voice actor. His voice has been in commercials, video games, e-learning videos and much more. Hire Curt or one of the voice overs from Hilton Productions to help voice your project.

Curt has more than 17  years of experience Djing, entertaining a variety of crowds at wedding receptions, nightclubs, sorority/fraternity parties, birthday parties and more.

Why is Plamore Music spelt without a Y?

Curt took the name Plamore from his grandfather's pool company Plamore Pools. Plamore Pools was a successful pool company that was ran

in the 50s and 60s.  Curt  was excited that he was able to carry on the Plamore name with his business.