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When to book your entertainment for the wedding or event.

Well you're engaged and now let the planning begin. The question now is, when to book your entertainment for the wedding?

As a Raleigh DJ, I get calls to book a DJ 6-9 months in advance. There has been times where I have had clients that will call me two weeks before the wedding looking for a DJ. Usually when that happens, the prior entertainment has cancelled or had to back out. When you call your DJ to book them, ask them how much time do they need to hold a spot and how much the deposit is. Some DJs will waive a deposit if the date is close enough to just pay all in full.

There a lot of Raleigh DJs and each DJ company have their own way to run business. Make sure that when you book your DJ that there is a backup DJ incase the DJ you booked has to cancel at the last minute, I have seen it happen. I network with other DJs in the market and some of those DJs will be an emergency DJ incase something may happen. There are a lot of DJs in the Raleigh, NC market who prefer to run their business solo just because of the thought of their DJ backing out the last second. If you find yourself with a DJ that cancelled, chances are you are going to have to scramble to find a DJ quick and the price may way more that what you booked before. Do your research.

So when you book your entertainment, ask if they have a back up DJ and how long do they need in advance to book their date.

Have a great week!

Curt Hilton

Plamore Music

Raleigh DJ, Wedding DJ

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