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Behind the Audition with Curt Hilton Podcast

Welcome to Behind the Audition with Curt Hilton, your go-to destination for captivating insights into the world of voice acting, directing, acting, animation, production, and more!


This bi-weekly podcast invites you behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, featuring interviews with talented voice actors, directors, actors, animators, producers, and other creative professionals.

Learn how some of these big names got their start and get all the tips to help build your career.

Hosted by voice actor Curt Hilton, each episode provides an in-depth exploration of the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of individuals shaping the entertainment landscape. Whether you're an aspiring voice actor, a seasoned professional, or simply a fan of the arts, Behind the Audition offers a front-row seat to the fascinating narratives that unfold within the industry.

Check out the podcast on most podcast platforms. All of our shows are on our YouTube channel.



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Curt Hilton | Voice Actor
Voice Over Coaches

Are you looking at getting started in the world of voiceover? Are you wanting to up your game as a seasoned voiceover? Below are some coaches that we recommend to reach out to. Let us know how these coaches work out for you! We would love to hear your success story! 

Note: Behind the Audition is not responsible for fees, cost or payments taken for the coaches service. We just recommend the coaches as a resource.

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