Welcome to Behind the Audition Podcast. Join Curt Hilton as he interviews voice actors,

producers, animators, film makers and more.


Learn how some of these big names got their start and get all the tips to help build your career.

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Episode 1 Guest Mark Dodson
Episode 3    Guest Lani  Minella
Episode 5    Guest Jon Bailey
Episode  7  Guest Marc Graue
Episode 9   Nicole Russin-McFarland
Episode  11  Jaret Reddick
Episode  13 Melissa Medina
Episode  15    Jon St. John
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Episode 2    Guest Donovan Corneetz
Episode 4 Guest  Alfonso Lugo
Episode 6    Guest  Lauren Synger
Episode  8    Guest   Brent   Allen Hagel
Episode  10  Stefan Johnson
Episode  12 Daniel Ross
Episode  14    David   Toback
Episode  16   Tony Tee Neto
Episode  17    BZ   Cullins