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Walk Up Announcer

Are you wanting to take your game experience to the next level? Are you looking for that ultimate walk out announcer voice over? We are your ballpark announcer and PA announcer go to.

If you want your athletes to feel like the pros and want that professional PA announcer voice to introduce your team...  you are in the right place! Hilton Productions offers athlete announcements at an affordable rate!  


Have the players name, number and even position announced via recording. 


We can record any other special announcements like: Anthem announcements, Vendor or Sponsorships, Future Events, Spectator Announcements and more. 


I  have recorded athlete announcements for teams all over the country. I’m also a full time voice talent with a PRO studio so you are in great hands!  I'm a full-time voice talent with a PRO studio with over 20 years in the voice over industry. I have voiced projects featured on jumbotrons for the Tampa Rays, Columbus Bluejackets, Anaheim Ducks and San Antonio Spurs.


To get started, just email me with your script and I get back with a quick quote. 

Hilton Productions and Podcast Service
Walk Out Song DJ

Walk Out Song DJ

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Baseball Walk-Up Announcement

Does your baseball team want to up there game with our professional walk-up announcer voiceover? Hilton Productions provides professional and unique voiceover services, just like the pros. With its realistic ballpark walk up announcements, it makes you feel like a professional baseball player. Have your players name, number and even position with a recorded voiceover recording. We will send this in mp3 format and you can play via Bluetooth or aux chord.

Athlete Announcement

Hilton Productions is the leading provider of professional voice over services for athlete announcements, PA announcers and more. With years of experience and expertise, their commitment to excellence guarantees quality results in every project. We not only record walk-up announcements, we also record athlete and team intros and walk outs. We will introduce either you athlete individually or as a team with a recorded voiceover. Do you need a cheerleading squad introduced?

We have clients all over the country who hire us for that also!

Anthem Announcement

Are you needing a recording to get your fans to rise and give attention to your national anthem?  For a powerful and professional voiceover recording, look no further than Hilton Productions. They specialize in national anthem announcement recordings, so you can be sure your project is in safe hands. We can record an announcement for you with a powerful voiceover recording. This can be used for every sporting event.

Spectator, Vendor, Sponsor or Future Announcements

Do you have a special announcement, emergency announcement, future event announcement, vendor or sponsor announcement that needs to be played at your event? We can do that with a voiceover recording.. Hilton Productions provides professional voiceover services tailored to your needs. We specialize in spectator announcement, emergency announcement, vendor and sponsor announcement. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that your projects are heard with maximum clarity and impact.

Walk Up Announcer, Announcements and Team Intro

walk up announcer recording

walkup song announcer

PA Announcer Recording

walk up baseball recording

walk up softball recording

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If you have any questions or want to get started, let us know by contacting us at

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